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Many beautiful and stylish Free 3D screensavers for Windows.

Plunge into the depths of the ocean along with 3D dolphins.

There is nothing more charming than the babbling waterfall. You marvel at the new three-dimensional graphics of our most popular screensaver with 3D waterfalls. Water effects are truly amazing, and the scene screensaver 3d fish supplemented, parrots, hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies. Sound effects are relaxing, soothing sounds of nature.

Download and install our 3D Screensavers for your desktop PC. They are all very beautiful! You can download and install any 3D screensaver.

3D Screensaver - Just a beautiful iridescent 3D shapes. Interesting blends and abstraction. Rotating in different planes are flying 3D shapes on a background of abstractions. I recommend to download the screensaver and see it.

Free 3D screensaver - it's a beautiful animated movie to decorate your desktop. Screensavers for your desktop to help revive your PC desktop. Every 3D screensaver for your desktop has a brief description and a small screenshot, where you can see the screensaver before saving. Download and install our 3D Screensavers for your desktop PC. They are very beautiful! You can download and install any 3D screensaver.

Screensaver is used as the keeper of the monitor, it can also be used as a means to protect your computer from nosy co-workers while you're away to smoke or drink a cup of coffee, leaving your computer unattended, it is enough to set a password in the Preferences.

All screen savers for your desktop absolutely free and requires no registration. The size of the downloadable screensaver is specified next to the brief description of a topic.

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Flowers Meadow 3D Screensaver

Flowers Meadow 3D Screensaver

Amazing flowers meadow 3d screensaver helps you to enjoy nature scenes. This multiscenes video screensaver includes various flowers, fields, plants and nature sound effects. It turns your desktop into a porthole for viewing amazing flowers scenes. Besides, this free screensaver has flexible settings. Download flowers screensaver now and relax.

Downloads: 201

Fantastic Ocean 3D screensaver

Rixane Interactive
Fantastic Ocean 3D screensaver

Fantastic Ocean 3D takes you on a peaceful flight over the ocean, which is carefully recreated in true 3D. The effect is magical. It looks as if you were gliding on a paraglide several feet above the waves. The surface of the ocean is like a sheet of glass. The setting sun is reflected on it with a hundred of different shades of color. The wonderful thing about the view is that it changes constantly. It is a constant source of enjoyment!

Downloads: 109

Lighthouse 3D Screensaver

Lighthouse 3D Screensaver

This is a screensaver that will take you away from your everyday trouble. Free your mind as you enter the charming world of the seaside. Any lighthouse has a million stories to tell and these are stories of courage and struggle. They are told by the murmur of the ocean, the cries of the seagulls and the songs of the wind. Listen to these soothing sounds and watch the eye-pleasing scenery! Forget about all you problems.

Downloads: 12

Fun Aquarium 3D Screensaver

Fun Aquarium 3D Screensaver

Bring the beauty of an exotic fish tank to your desktop! Own a virtual aquarium of your dreams full of cute sea creatures, beautiful accessories and vibrant water plants. Have fun watching your finny pals chase each other, swim among plants, hang out in schools enjoying life. Eye-pleasing colors, tropical feel and relaxing music will make this underwater world truly fascinating.

Downloads: 44

Colors Of Life Screensaver

Colors Of Life Screensaver

Now With Amazing Effects and Sound! Colors Of Life Screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring to your computer screen fantastics animations of flowing colors. With 4 wonderful and beautiful scenarios for you.

Downloads: 9

Free 3D Windmill Screensaver

Free 3D Windmill Screensaver

Enjoy the placidity and the beauty of the peaceful countryside! Breathe in the delicate aroma of the fragrant tulips and take a slow walk along the winding paths in the sea of emerald meadows. Tired of turbulent city life and constant feverish haste? Then this screensaver is for you. Find yourself by the traditional Dutch farm with a splendid brick windmill, where the time stops and only the light clouds slowly drift across the sky.

Downloads: 10

New York Clock Theme

New York Clock Theme

Do you love New York? Would like to go there right now, but you do not have such an opportunity? If yes, then screensaver with panoramic views of New York and Central Park is for you! Visit the "Big Apple" with our screensaver. It certainly gives originality to your computer. Screensaver is easy to install, suitable for any Windows and absolutely free. Immerse yourself in the life of New York right now!

Downloads: 38

Free 3D Dolphin Aqua Screensaver

Free 3D Dolphin Aqua Screensaver

Must see free screensaver of photorealistic Dolphins spinning from the water, with sunrays reflected on top of mountains. This 3D screensaver will help you relax after a working days. It is the good product for everyone who wishes to view peaceful aquarium scenes and is looking for something special. Software filesize is about 8.3 MB

Downloads: 996

Blue Fantasy

Blue Fantasy

Enjoy fantastic special effects screensaver. This free desktop screensaver will decorate your computer screen. Blue fractal fantasy, melodic background music, colorful action and much more! Download free screensaver!

Downloads: 172

Galaxy Dance 3D Screensaver

Galaxy Dance 3D Screensaver

From you desktop you can observe some strange dancing galaxies. These galaxies consist of millions of colorful bubbles, moving in 3D world and forming new figures. But if you don't like galaxies you can imagine sea depth with plankton or anything you want. Leave your thouhgts with free galaxy dance screensaver. A lot of special effects and numerous settings will not leave you indifferent. Try it now, just few clicks to install!

Downloads: 128

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