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1. Due to American Online's recent announcement of unlimited internet usage for their service, the performance of their service has really deterioted to a point where it is sometimes just totally impossible to download something from the internet, especially during peak times. As a former AOL user myself, I have discovered that it is really troublesome to download a large file with AOL, because if you leave your computer on and download, AOL will most definitely kick you out after a certain amount of time.

2. I recommend that you download the latest version of either Netscape or Internet Explorer to view our Web site instead of the default AOL browser, because it just does not support many of the newest html and java technologies.

3. If you are planning to view a lot of frame enabled Web sites, please be advised that the default AOL browser, does not interpret frame as accurately as the newest version of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

4. If you see some distorted color on either our Web site or other Web sites that you visit, it is because the AOL browser does not interpret some image colors correctly. The best you can do is to set your system's color setting to high color, but even then, some image will still come out looking distorted.

5. If you browse the Web enough, you have probably already visited a Web site where they pop up another windows on top of the current one that you have opened already. AOL browser will open them fine, but they will come out hidden behind your browser, and if you are not careful, you will not know that there are actually two browsers opened now.

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