How to Install Yahoo Messenger Skins?

  1. Find and Download the skin that you want to use
  2. unzip the file using WinZip or a similiar program
  3. open your skins folder... (My computer\C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger\Skins
  4. once in your skins folder you need to create a "new folder" to do so click on "file" then on "new" then "new folder"
  5. once you have created the new folder you need to rename rename it..right click on the folder then click on "rename"
  6. tittle it with a name that describes the skin..something that you'll remember (if ya downloaded a Simpson's skin then name it Simpson's)
  7. now go back to the window that has the unzipped file on it and drag and drop each file into the new folder you just made...(files are in one folder is in can resize both those windows so that they both appear on your screen)
  8. once you have all the files in the folder sign into Yahoo Messanger (if you weren't signed in already)
  9. now click on "Login" on your messanger window, then click on "preferences"
  10. a new window will open and in that window on the left side click on "appearance"
  11. click on the arrow pointing down next to "current theme" and you'll see the new skin in the list that is in the pull down window..(ex. Simpson's) click on it then click on "apply" which is located at the bottom of that window
  12. click on "ok" and that's it now your new skin shoud be on your messanger window:)

****you can also change the color of the writing in your messanger (ex.friends list) so that it matches or so that you can see the names of friends more clearly.

To Change The Color Of The Writing

  1. click on "Login" on your messanger window
  2. click on "preferences"
  3. in the new window that opens click on "appearence"
  4. Click on the colored (probably black) square next to "text color" and pick a color you think will look ok...experiment a little :) you'll find one that will look great

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