How to make Windows desktop wallPapers?

These are the very simple instructions for those who don't have any fancy graphics programs and/or any experience in graphics manipulation.

You can easily make a wallpaper from any screensaver just withWindows Paint. When the screensaver is running and you see the image you would like to have as a wallpaper,press"Print screen" button on your keyboard (do press gently not to close the screensaver before the capture is taken). Then openPrograms ->Accessories ->Paint. Maximize the window and click on"Edit" ->"Paste". The image will be slightly larger than the available window,but don't worry. It will automatically be the same size than your screen,only the program frames are preventing you to see all of it. Just choose "Save" from"File" menu and save the image as a BMP (give it what ever name you want to) in thec:\windows. Then click on"Set as wallpaper (centered)" and you are done!

If you want to make a smaller tiled wallpaper, use the square"Select" tool to choose a part of the image. Then click"Edit" ->"Cut"

Now click"New" and"Edit" ->"Paste". Save the new image again toc:\windows and then click on"Set as wallpaper (tiled)"

Have fun!!

Important: Remember that these wallpapers will be for your personal use only. Copying and distributing them is a breach of copyright and illegal.

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