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Taco Bell Dog

Taco Bell Dog

Hey everybody! The dog is back! And is this cute, or what? It's a theme dedicated to that little Taco Bell dog. Makes me wanna go out and buy tacos too. There's an 800x600 JPG wallpaper, plenty of cute little one-liners for sound files, and an all new set of original cursors. You even get hot sauce with this order! Cons: Default Windows 95 color scheme. No logo or screen saver files. Overall: Thanks to feedback concerning this review, I found a Taco Bell restaurant in Japan! This theme brought back memories that were killing me and I just had to have a Taco Bell taco. Taco sells are sure to increase with something like this on your desktop.

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Ill-Tempered Theme

Ill-Tempered Theme

Mark this name, Ill Tempered. It stands for one of the best desktop creations to date. This theme is really just an example of what is coming next and for an incredibly small file in size, you get top-quality items in every single aspect. All components included in this package are original and nothing but brilliant. There's a very sharp JPG image displaying the logo of the team in 3d format, appropriate icons in high-color, some short and nicely edited sound files (most of them in ADPCM, 22,050 Hz, 4 Bit, Stereo format) and a set of primers 3D cursors. They provide a somehow futuristic and very aesthetically coherent atmosphere to your desktop. The wallpaper comes in three of the most popular sizes. Astonishing! Cons: Three of the sound files are in mono format. The recycle bin icons are perhaps a little bit dark for the background, what might compromise their visibility.

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Like Dr. Frankenstein, this theme author decided to take an arm from one, a leg from another, add some homemade parts and make a new Coca-Cola theme. It's not the ideal method for an "original desktop theme" but it works. The icons and cursors are truly Coca-Cola and look just great. Sound files are associated well and the color scheme with extra font settings is easy to work with. The official Coke Bear screen saver is a nice addition and everything is enclosed in a self-extracting zip for easy installation. Cons: Graphic quality is nothing to get excited about and the web view left bitmap image contains a lot of extra canvas that only creates a larger bitmap file size. That should be cropped out for a significant decrease in file size without any difference in display settings. The wallpaper image is also very small and does not stretch well in JPG format. Increasing the image size and saving it in JPG format again can fix this. Overall: It could use another jolt of electricity to really bring it to life but if you're a Coca-Cola collector, grab it.

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